more haiku illustration idea poems

(see below--more responses to s. barber's daily haiku. hers in italics, mine in...not italics. whatever that's called.):

hey rock, with your staid
don't mock my fluxes

quartz, fool’s gold, geode, gravel,
silly putty, all in a line

in the slow waiting
there is still the fragrance of
presumed offensive


a tree to offset
the many animals what
populate haiku

getting at the idea of an elm or maple,
but the drawing actually about woodland creatures
who would elude and allude to its texture

wooden cloth classrooms
and green ocean carpeting
choral hum of lights

just like it says, complete with hum

right on time you are
sunflower sproutling! i'm in
need of your symbol.

Aww, I am more okay with this kind of thing now. A seedling would be fine with me.

oh hale bespeckled
grass eaters, your turf is cast
in east side glory

feral cat or a type of ground-bird
a pheasant would be inappropriate given your neighborhood

here at the movies
a beam of light makes me cry
it is impressive

a dark room; an eruption of dust into the beam. reminiscent of american astronaut's reminiscences.

damn cluck pit cost 6
and i got ulcerated
that cost 21

is this about chicken?
one boneless, skinless breast

we could say that the
kind of kind opacity
they offer is shape

overweight women and other comforts
the properties of matter; autism

the mystery is
in the tiny hands they make
such quiet digits

as in the case of the seedling,
resolute infant hand with perfect nails
tiny moons and tiny white

red and black circles
blue and white squares—underwear
on the school's tile floor

still-life with crumpled underwear

the shell and the rock
nostalgize on a past of
long gone softnesses

conch shell refers to previous geode
somehow regards it like the boy at school
reading the minds of cartoon dogs

shade with juniper
soon it's her west jade

Stephanie taxonomy; Little Tykes

this long distance call
does not necessitate new
foreign policy

the oval office
maybe just the rug and a Bakelite phone

can you spell longing
with a pair of scissors and
a top hat in french?

Poignant eyelet; pinking scrapbookers; showgirl inflatable leg

"moist is such a word"
"yes. drainage too, don't you think?"
"oh yes, certainly"

two women with tin can phones
held against their facebook statuses

they're particular
with their bans on getting wet
or looking sidewise

a cast
a kid sticking a pencil in there
to scratch it

it's not those harsh words
that will quiet that mad dogs
ceaseless barking, yo

prehistoric pitbull head

the lighted machine
sings lets hear it for new york
everyone is glad

karaoke with Bonnie Jones doing Moon River

i can see you now
tapping your fingers against
your leg as you read

I’ve thought about this one a lot. It would be impossible to illustrate with a lowercase i, so maybe just a slack jaw, gaze over glasses, eyebrows up, screen reflection. I wouldn’t include the hand or thigh at all.

translation of this
vietnamese pop music
from 1960

hallucinogenic rice paddy; transparency

palm trees are swaying
i know you won't believe how
musically they sway

one of those battery-powered dancing flowers from the 90’s!!
okay, okay, palm trees.

los angeles hills
horse trails and high hedgerows
i yam what i yam

west coast landscape off to the right side, coastal, steep.

a thunderstorm of
crazies--the storytellers
gesturers and hams

literally, a ham hock and a hobo

sad balloons and rain
framed in a giant cut-out
coffee cup decal

Starbucks viewfinder coffee sleeve thing

"she repeats herself"
she says this four times, she says
"she repeats herself"

endless mirror

home turns out to be
exciting again even
though the heart seems gone

I used to think there would be presents waiting when we returned from the beach. Naturalistic rendering of “mudroom” or foyer.

oh so many wan
detectives and spazzed stray cats
in my neighborhood

gray tabby


thoughts on famous men (and dogs)

he is probably asleep.

he is probably watching tv while his mom is in the kitchen.

he is probably in the pool at their lavish disneyworld family hotel, pulling his sister's hair. i'm not sure about their dog but i bet they boarded it or else her sister is taking care of it.

he is probably playing mario while his granddad talks to his mom in the other room. he has no idea that their tone could be described as "concerned".

he is probably replaying the flight simulator in his head until the conductor's hands go up.

he is probably helping grandmom check her email.

he is probably drinking beer out of a bottle and not looking at her when she talks. the great dane has its head in his lap.

he is probably on the computer upstairs.

he is probably down at the royal farms keeping up appearances.

he is probably worried about his son with mono, with easter coming up and everything.

he is probably looking at that fitness website, or on a date.

he is probably having a spirited conversation about improv theater.

he is probably making that "hee-hee-hee" laugh and jumping on the couch. his mothers repeat his name from the top of the stairs.

he is probably watching the opening credits over and over and over in japanese.

he is probably at a bar with his forearms slightly red.

he is probably waiting at the front door, looking into the darkness.