marfa poems, re-worked-ish

From Marfa

epic ochre

subverts other

desert going

white with color


subtle desert gesture

epic bluff

see the shrug and husks

the rock shop and the chick barn

stark is rich and wretched

hills heave epic ochre, nap agate

hear the train

heifer bodies bluff rain

bluff / sky / bluff / cinema

sky diorama

black rock imposters

lying in wait to wake and chew


as if the horizon had gently pulled your wailing body

toward its body (mute quilt)

as if you also stood wobbly in the middle of the road,


where is the boundary against which

my bones are bones, and not weather?

what star looks back

at my death?

did you realize the graduation of bluff to canyon,

gold to verdant green?

a family of brown cows in the valley,

their foreheads churning ivory?

no, your back makes letter shapes in shirts

your hair feigning monument

your hair swirls, tumbles dark

over mountains


quartz, fool’s gold, geode, gravel

silly putty, mop the stuff

military hospital, mutilated cattle

vocal lilt, daytime grotto

wax upward, where is westward

horsehair bracelet, thunderbird

grecian minnow, empty timbre,

grief is a vowel to glean and sow


not the cardinal on the fence

his red a whirl, and the wren

not the weather

why is a weather

why is our folly, and our failure

why is what if, whether intending

not-red or not-wren

why is a tether to altogether other, not-boy

not a whisper in the ear of one who

feels it in their teeth

he likes the plosive, the not-bird

the foal, watch him blink


he likes the body sock

the hot dog

the corn dog

video games

he likes to run around naked

altered dogs

he likes to take his shoes off


my parents, she thinks

my beautiful black cats

the one with diabetes,

and the other one

new organs

and clouds

I will forget who I am

or idiom


she is a doctor

just imagine

the taxonomy alone

and the insurance

hyperbole of hyperextension

cumulonimbus solipsism

all of a sudden,

clouds make cloud shapes


ranches lit flatly

somewhat autumnal

subtle color

an animal

shepherd stumbles into water

cistern churning over ground

epic ochre subverts other

sweet coyote shot and bound

or did she just describe his forehead

like a bluff, a ridge

like a gentle slope

a panicked slip

it is not like a woman

it is a mental ritual

he conjures monsters

we will be habit


this time the fireman thinks

you said cat

find your wife

yearn and pine

you are bursting with purpose

beneath your arms

her silver mane

soft sheet

you roll, and pinch

say sorry

take on shepherd

take on sheep

fool’s gold, agate, bloom, and sand

thick dark, a roof, a mouth,

clouds as freakish geometry

hair as figurative approximation

to be looked upon with sleep

my love is always almost

there is far too much tin

in my mouth there was a garden


looking out of the canyon we see men

sepia legend

churning what few leaves there are into movies

this is really something

they toil deep into thin skies

small dogs of mythology

called foolish in the mouth

braid faces over the edge of the desk

wounded birds

what language

eroded into castles, great castles

rocks remain on fire, take pictures

and while terns rake the sea for whales

abiding always with the gale

small of back what westward wheat

protectorate and feral sweat

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Justin Sirois said...

I will pulp the panel's noses if they don't choose these for a grant this year. These are seriously great.