performance at the soundry next weekend

Poetry Lab at The Soundry
Vienna, VA
8pm - 11pm

lauren bender
epic ochre subverts other (video/text performance)


mike maggio
Cloudism (two actors, a poet, a cello, and you)

from the soundry website:
"...Our goal is to develop a black box experience that features poetry amidst art, music and multi-media for a broader poetic experience..."



LV KHLL (for js)

my salim

my salim
i have followed you through
dust and desolate dreaming
hills bluff, become nothing
hills mountain

(sudden green)

(birds dip)

we swim, slip
may as well have hung

no vulture
no gore to fear
when you are near


more marfa tidbits

desert is subtler than fear


ochre subverts other


we ate at chuy's and i'm okay
we ate at chuy's and i'm okay

what does it mean that the landscape
feels familiar

should i be comforted
should i be testing for nuance

i've had moments
and others


driving with the setting sun behind you and motivating music playing, you feel like you really have purpose. the purpose is just bursting out of you. then you realize you accidentally passed your exit a long way back and now you have to drive the other way for a while, into the sun. maybe your purpose is to persevere and not die.


hawk feather!


an approach
tiny cows


who is with me in my body
whose steadfast piles going
greenish with hours


pig truck cirrus clouds rickshaw spaniels makeshift veranda gravel doves villa-ish men in hats husks walk and photograph small flowers desolate backyards one cat laundromat/ice cream parlor courthouse with a religious quality desert town desert desert texas flag bookstore railroad canopy transcendental fruit juice half-mexican supermarket succulents giddy freedom salmon white ochre tin aluminum brown variability gray maroon verdant green


what is this version of mind that does not know fear
can not conjure it under duress or open sky
instead birds in unforeseen collaboration
heat roof and sky
this mind fears being without fear
fears return to its familiar friend (recession)
a life without fear would mean another's life (a life unlived)
in my mouth there was a garden this morning
a puppy who did not share my glee
in my mind there is a more bearable ocean
wind is wind
soccer net


attempt at knowing unknowable quiet thwarted by ringing in the ears and fear of horrific coyote attack, absolute orientation, abject calm.


stark is rich
hear the train
eat to sleep
gnat to eye


agate, paul, and tonk
sanders, saws, and rock yard
house, collection, and mandolin
quiet, black hills, and habit hobby
note of thanks, modesty, and informal geology
favorite of the bunch, we marry, and he tells me of his dead wife
we hunt for rocks, sleep like cattle, and ache for rain


chicks for sale
wyatt's clumsily practiced fingers
one of each color
snow bears have white skin
and brown fur
wyatt has temporary tattoos
and an army brother

"what's over that next hill?"
asks his grandfather


hand kerchief


epic bravery
god is here i said it
want to drive through canyons
prairies and pickup
pull over and hold and behold
majestically climb on top
empirical surpassing of and
extravagant memory
let me return and then to
sky, bluff, plateau


everyone came over
ate tacos
i don't feel comfortable
with the way that man
talks to his dog



alpine again
and cloudy
and still
the cinema
sky diorama
heiffer bodies
bluff rain
bluff, sky
bluff, canyon
black rock impostors
lying in wait to wake
and chew


lamb bangers


james dean: incorrect
and now even worse

lou reed: wearing o.p.


flyin' brisket
it's so good
if i had a kid
i'd dip its litle hands
in there
and eat 'em


wrists on the wheel
baby faces
how tomorrow moves


tomorrow moves to
miniature, mundane,
altogether familiar
to dream becomes a dream
sleep in the bed like it has
an ochre comforter
the bed that echoed our color


rampant desert insists
that i am coming home to you
some devotion rendered anew
or even discovered, as a lizard

as if the horizon had gently pulled
your wailing body toward its body
as if you also stood wobbly in
the middle of the road, wondering

where is the boundary against which
my bones are bones and not weather?
what star looks back
at my death?

did you realize the graduation of
bluff to canyon?
gold to verdant green?
a family of brown cows in the valley,
their foreheads churning ivory?

no, your shoes brushed
the linoleum hallway,
your back making
letter shapes in shirts,
your body embryonic,
a turtle, resenting sleep

i am returning
but your hair swirls
tumbles dark over mountains
under it you feign rock
with steer
lie and chew
wait for rain


jukebox shuffleboard geodesic dome projections shooting out the streetlight clyde cigarettes desert flowers timothy sky dry/brown verdant/ochre clouds tumble over bluff storm bluff flat star party foosball tortillas and other corn-based products snoring sky late light flattened plateaus color-correct goathead burrs birds in cardinal on line startle response kid lizard tail catfish minnows deep underwater grasses hearts break hearts break suit


in marfa they name the washing machines
(the new ones, with their bicycles)
economic audit with quarters
mostly black agate

military hospital
mutilated cattle
vocal lilt
nighttime grotto
wax upward
where is north
horsehair bracelet
where is east
daytime agora
grecian minnow
where is north
glean and sow