thoughts on famous men (and dogs)

he is probably asleep.

he is probably watching tv while his mom is in the kitchen.

he is probably in the pool at their lavish disneyworld family hotel, pulling his sister's hair. i'm not sure about their dog but i bet they boarded it or else her sister is taking care of it.

he is probably playing mario while his granddad talks to his mom in the other room. he has no idea that their tone could be described as "concerned".

he is probably replaying the flight simulator in his head until the conductor's hands go up.

he is probably helping grandmom check her email.

he is probably drinking beer out of a bottle and not looking at her when she talks. the great dane has its head in his lap.

he is probably on the computer upstairs.

he is probably down at the royal farms keeping up appearances.

he is probably worried about his son with mono, with easter coming up and everything.

he is probably looking at that fitness website, or on a date.

he is probably having a spirited conversation about improv theater.

he is probably making that "hee-hee-hee" laugh and jumping on the couch. his mothers repeat his name from the top of the stairs.

he is probably watching the opening credits over and over and over in japanese.

he is probably at a bar with his forearms slightly red.

he is probably waiting at the front door, looking into the darkness.

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Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

Keep bringing it, Ms. Bender.