this is kind of a revised version of some of the stuff a few posts down, that i read for the WORMS series in feb.


EATING worms will make you a braceface orthodontist. It will shine your teeth make you open space for your braces you will be cool in school. Worms can clean your teeth.

Work Worms and Century Storm Worms:

it looks like everything is wearing a hat.
the flowerpot holder is wearing a hat.
my car is wearing a hat.
i can't tell which one is mine.


"Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger. Feeling-ing-ing-ing-ing-ing. My birthday is March 12th. My name is. My name is."


Worm luge
Worm mogules
Worm aerials
Worm hockey

"Use some hand sanitizer, Jahmal."
He puts it on his foot.
Tears make a lake on his lip.
He either doesn't feel it
or likes it still like that;
tributary to math jeopardy.


Tears leave salt tracks on his cheeks.
His friend asks, "What's that powder on your face?"

His friend punches his other friend in the eye.

His friend says, "Fuck your ass."


Tears look weird and milky on his face.
His cheeks have always been kind of flat..

What happened to the Appalachian Trail?

He says, "Take care."


Grief is a vowel.



Who's there?

Chocolate chip cookie.

Chocolate chip cookie who?

Chocolate Milk!


"Snowy. Snow storm. Snow stormy."

Tomorrow? Tomorrow? Yesterday? Yesterday.
Mom. Dad? Mom. Mom did what? You went with Mom?
Bowling? Wal-Mart.
Take that rag out of your mouth. Where'd you go with Mom?
Wednesday? Spell it. S. A. G. G? H? I don't know, buddy.
Where's your device?


sit in the living room
for ten minutes a night
without orienting.


the news anchor is loaded.
he bends to pet all the dogs.
he talks about his wife,
also his son's dog Midnight
Midnight sleeps with her bowl.
she had worms once, like all puppies
or kittens do.
like white on rice.


fat finches.
i'm into honesty; birds.
girl anthropology--
it's a problem.

worms are antecedent to thought.

i'll do anything you want.
dig you out.


Stretch pants.

"Can't you see
my eyelid twitching?"
"My right tear duct
is half-empty."
"No you."
"No you."
"Anybody but you."
"Can't you see my
finger pointing?"





Worms in the Movies

That thing in Beetlejuice


That thing in Dune
David Bowie,
No wait—Sting.

Recreational Worms

Split me in half and then we’ll see

Worms in Art

I had a friend who made paintings by worms
She called them, Paintings Made by Worms.
Here’s how to do it:
Go to the Burger King, then the fishing store.
Put it in food coloring.
Plop it on the paper.
Crab nebula
Ribbon gymnast
Soft focus
Here and there
Unintentional hari-kari
Put ‘em out in the planter.

More Personal Worms:

The dog that belongs to my invisible twin
On the floor with his front legs under his body
Once I saw Stephanie Barber as a snake, snake-face to the radio. Alone in the rainforest, made more alone next to more fake snakes, stuffed. She is also not worm-like on the elliptical machine. There she appears much like a regular gym-goer, until under closer scrutiny her face is like a mother’s in skin; her eyes not; her voice not and like wet bark, Stephanie Barber.

The worm took me in its arms and onto its lap, saying,
“Now now, there there.”
I said, “I know,” but in my mind I was thinking,
“Worms don’t have arms and laps;
I don’t believe a word of this.”

The vestiges of our embryonic time together trail from our collective rump; my invisible twin checks hers against mine. Goopy. I wouldn’t call it wormy, exactly…

Remember it flayed open;
Remember the cow eyeball, the back membrane of it,
Iridescent—an extravagant pearl.
Worm experience aligns with innards
The worm dives into holes before despairing
Everything close to the surface
Turning silt to soil, turning to turn.
It does not loathe or feel alone
The ground shifts around its worm-ness

I know every way snow can fall onto
The parking lot I fear,
What with its cars, and places to put them.
Still you do not, and still, Dear One, stillness.
Let us take a moment of quiet solidarity
In our solitary ways
Our ironic wishes toward warmth and worm.

Little-Known Worm Facts

Did you know I am a worm?
Look at my heart thing.

Wild West Worms (5)

[el dorado worm]

Let’s set this Westward toward the weather. “Why” is a weather; “why” is our folly and our failure. Looking up out of the canyon. Looking out of the canyon we see men; we see something like a sepia legend churning what little leaves there are into movies; this is already easy epic; this is grievous monotony; this is really something.
[expansive worm]

One-third are physicists, one-fourth are engineers, one-sixth are chemists and materials scientists, and the remainder work in mathematics and computational science, biological science, geoscience, and other disciplines. Fourteen made it out alive, three-eighths sifting mucky want and whiskey, the rest took and toiled deep into thin skies, small dogs of mythology. This phenomenon has been called “foolish,” or “expansive fear,” or “calcified.” Thirty six square miles, 2.2 billion pesos, a fifth in your mouth; see it. This one time the girl next to me—her mother used to braid her hair funny and everyone made that face—she leaned over; she pushed the Carolinas over the edge of the desk; I hadn’t even asked.
[revision worm]

physicists, engineers, and the remainder made it out alive, sifting into thin skies, small dogs called “foolish” in your mouth; see it. the girl next to me used to braid that face over the edge of the desk; I hadn’t even asked. “puttering” would not be a good word but “scuffling” wouldn’t either; patterned disability thin-lipped, always prepared, always suspended in thin air until plateaus plateau.

[calamity worm]

Bucket of mud bath, small of back what sweat, what sheepish dump to take or pour or purr feral colonies, protectorates, wounds of the sea. For real. Bookbinding corset to whale. Wore men’s clothing. What language.

[mercantile worm]

Every summer we went out there, rental vans to tether the years together. Largest root system suiciding; largest organism reaches the timberline. Ranch ran off with my father. Them ponies ran off with his camera. Some things are funny forever. He found aviator glasses in the ocean. To barter; I wouldn’t know how. Ship waits; ship bobs into pier, sees commerce; ship feels disenfranchised. Ship robs a landscape bank, rocks remain unphased, drawn over, eroded into castles; great castles. Rocks remain on fire; every year take pictures.

Neil Patrick Harris Worm

One and the same but He Who How I Met Him did not recognize not blunder but as our own such blunder. I will not look. “I am wretched,” or, “I regret,” said He. Like cadets we regard one another, back to mother’s houses or basic cable for one young professional; the Whole Foods of my youth no longer gay with pilots, a condiment for every season, episodic product in the worm aisle.

And yet, lo. Extinct Thesaurus. Recursive Word. Recover to communion with a dental hygienist. Recover to always the Word, and He, and some self-injurious smack to the front of the head, the skull and the teeth within it.

Twin Worms
Oh, like…oh, like…oh, like…oh, like…Oh, like…oh, like…oh, like…oh, like
You’re so…you’re so…you’re so…you’re so…you’re so You’re so…you’re so…you’re so…you’re so…you’re so

One More Western Worm

We ran up in four dimensions considering color; the two of you first and falling behind my fear, behind the sky; at the top he coughed up blood, fits of rage about a bear movie or some combination of a visitors’ center or burned to the ground; try rubbings. No heritage there but they were proud of me; they bought me anything I wanted as we awoke again and again in layers. I still wake that way remembering dust around his teenage body considering light, remember this is my brother we’re talking about—different sun, different bladders through explanation canyons, resentments and peacock restaurants where I would hate the light until later, drunk on altitudes of bones.

Confessional Worm

Me me me me me me me me me me slither slither slither I I I I I I I I I I I I gulp gulp gulp gulp you you you you you you you you poop poop poop poop me me me me me me me me me me me me me me worm worm worm worm WORM WORM WORM WORM WORM WORM WORM WORM WORM WORM WORM

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