post mop off the stuff

it looks like everything is wearing a hat.
the flowerpot holder is wearing a hat.
my car is wearing a hat.
i can't tell which one is mine.


"Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger. Feeling-ing-ing-ing-ing-ing. My birthday is March 12th. My name is. My name is."


"Use some hand sanitizer."
He puts it on his foot.
Tears make a lake on his lip.
He either doesn't feel it
or likes it still;
tributary to math jeopardy.


Tears leave salt tracks on his cheeks.
His friend asks, "What's that powder on your face?"

His friend punches his other friend in the eye.

His friend says, "Fuck your ass."


Tears look weird and milky on his face.
His cheeks have always been kind of flat.
It's like there is too much water in the tears.

What happened to the Appalachian Trail?

He says, "Take care."


Grief is a vowel.



Who's there?

Chocolate chip cookie.

Chocolate chip cookie who?

Chocolate Milk!


"Snowy. Snow storm. Snow stormy."

Tomorrow? Tomorrow? Yesterday? Yesterday.
Mom. Dad? Mom. Mom did what? You went with Mom?
Bowling, but we're not talking about the bowling trip.
Take that rag out of your mouth. Where'd you go with Mom?
Wednesday? Spell it. S. A. G. G? H? I don't know, buddy.
Where's your device?


sit in the living room
for ten minutes a night
without orienting.


the news anchor is loaded.
he bends to pet all the dogs.
he talks about his wife,
also his son's dog Midnight
Midnight sleeps with her bowl.


fat finches.
i'm into honesty; birds.
girl anthropology--
it's a problem.

surgical tubing, i guess?
the good bacon.
this is MODERN.
antecedent to thought.

i'll do anything you want.
dig you out.


Stretch pants.

"Can't you see
my eyelid twitching?"
"My right tear duct
is half-empty."
"No you."
"No you."
"Anybody but you."
"Can't you see my
finger pointing?"






Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

Keep on keeping on Benderbot. I'm sorry your snowed in far from where we're snowed in... RANDOM I wish your posts had days and not dates, but I think you like to disorient me.

kevin.thurston said...

thanks, lauren.

lauren bender said...

no prob kev-kev. jgp, there's just something funny about it, in a very serious way.