got a minute, toad?

Last night we watched Gran Torino. It was probably the best Clint Eastwood movie I've seen. "Gran Torino" means "the great Turin" in both Spanish and Italian, according to babelfish, but because of Turin I'm assuming Ford meant it in Italian. Which is funny given the extremopatriot leanings of ol' Clinty in the movie (I won't call it a film)--you'd think he wouldn't even buy something with a foreign name. I laughed inappropriately a couple of times which signifies greatness (on the part of the movie and me).

Over the break we also watched a lot of Deadwood with JS, The Last Picture Show, Wild Strawberries, Gran Torino, some of the World's Strongest Man Competition (sawing), a considerable amount of Golden Girls, and Jay became obsessed with a capitalist blonde theologian on Book TV. Otherwise we just ailed.

This blog is becoming exactly what I don't want it to be, but patience, and I will return. Besides, are you there? One of you is in Austin and there are DC possibilities.


this is hard!

Justin sent me a photo from I guess the airport in Austin. He says they serve Bugles (TM) in the severe weather shelter area. What does he mean by "serve"?

I asked if there are Flavor Blasted Goldfish (TM), but I also happen to know that Justin prefers anything in an "-ito" from convenience stores.

Basically until I remember how to blog I'm just going to write about Justin. So what else. Well you should definitely buy this. Although you are the yous who probably already know about it.

MLKNG SCKLS is arresting, and epic, and vignettes. It is like its cover in that way--a suggestion and also everything there is to know. So there.

Oh and Jay went to the dentist for a dry socket, and they packed the hole where his tooth used to be with a very technologically advanced clove in cheesecloth. Just remember, gaping hole = cloves. Wounds = Christmas ham.

remembering ric royer



hey justin

look at this!

sorry ryan manning

but i'm not accepting your comment on my CV post, because i want that post to look p=r=o=f=e=s=s=i=o=n=a=l. so i'll put it here:

ryan manning has left a new comment on your post "cv":

A résumé is a document that contains a summary or listing of relevant job experience and education.

i would probably post a comment as a reply to your comment if i had posted your comment on the CV post. probably something about how CV means (loosely) "course of life," and how, maybe, on good days, i consider my art experience to be my "course of life." on most days, especially recently, i am afraid to leave the house and so would just call it a resume.

but i usually do write more on those days, the shut-in ones. what's it all mean??


Curriculum Vitae
L a u r e n C. B e n d e r

E d u c a t i o n :

Towson University 1998 - 2003
Towson, MD
Degree: Bachelor of Science, Visual Communications
Honors Thesis in Painting
Graduated Summa Cum Laude

The Johns Hopkins University 2009 - present
Baltimore, MD
Degree: Masters of Education, Special Education, Severe Disabilities
Graduate Certificate in Autism

E m p l o y m e n t :

The Kennedy Krieger Institute January 2008 - present
Baltimore, MD
January, 2008 – present
Title: Special Education Teacher

S e l e c t e d E x h i b i t i o n s / P e r f o r m a n c e s :

14 Karat Cabaret, Baltimore, MD: Ear Lappers (reading as part of the Transmodern Festival)
1818 E. Lafayette, Baltimore, MD: Say it With Writing (reading)

Big Bear Cafe, Washington DC: reading
Minas Gallery, Baltimore, MD: Show&Tell (performance series): Curator

2010Everyday Genius (online blog): guest curator
Zodiac, Baltimore, MD: WORMS (reading)

LOF/T, Baltimore, MD: Los Solos Series (performance of CorpOreo Part 1 & 2)
60 Writers/60 Places, film by Michael Kimball & Luca Dipierro (reading)Center Stage, Baltimore, MD: STOOP Storytelling Series
Fleckenstein Gallery, Baltimore, MD: Everybody Draws (exhibition)
The Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD: Big Pink (performance with William Bender, as part of To Build A House You Start With The Roof: A Franz West Retrospective)
LOF/t at Load of Fun, Baltimore, MD: not BLUNDER but (performance/video) and WILL: A Retrospective (performance/video)

Billy Fischer Memorial Building, Washington, DC: CorpOreo (performance/video as part of Girlish Ways)
The DC Arts Center, Washington, DC: CorpOreo (performance/video as part of the In Your Ear reading series)
Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD: Out of Order (exhibition)
Load of Fun Studios, Baltimore, MD: CorpOreo (performance/video) and Crystallomancy: Book of Twins
(performance with Leigh Bender, as part of the 5th Annual Transmodern Festival)
Carriage House, Baltimore, MD (reading, as part of the i.e. reading series)
Creative Alliance at the Patterson, Baltimore, MD: Why is there an “Ohh” in Poem?
Various outdoor sites, Baltimore, MD: Baltimore Is Reads (installation, by Publishing Genius Press)

Theater Project, Baltimore, MD: The Hystery of Heat (performance, with members of the Performance Thanatology Research Society)
Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, MD: The Beaux Arts Fair (exhibition)
Rosenberg Gallery, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD: Collaborate Now! (exhibition)
1818 Gallery, Baltimore, MD: Whale Box (reading/performance)
Minas Gallery, Baltimore, MD: Canyon Suite (reading/performance)
The 14 Karat Cabaret, Baltimore, MD: FRUMMSBO! (reading/performance, as part of the Yockadot! Poetics Theater Festival)
Current Gallery, Baltimore, MD: Reenactments (exhibition)
Various outdoor sites, Baltimore, MD: Dead/Dying (performance)
Flashpoint Gallery, Washington, DC: Anonymous (exhibition)
The Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD: Human Pyramid (performance, with the Lexie Mountain Boys)
The Red Room, Baltimore, MD: Big Pants (performance)
Pyramid Atlantic, Washington, DC (reading/performance, as part of the In Your Ear reading series)
Dionysus, Baltimore, MD: Whale Box (reading/performance, as part of the i.e. reading series)

Load of Fun Studios, Baltimore, MD: SPHEAR (performance, as part of Macabaret)
Warehouse Arts Complex, Washington, DC: Exchange (exhibition/performance)
Subbasement Artist’s Studios, Baltimore, MD: Arbitrary Specifics (exhibition)
Wyman Park, Baltimore, MD: Event Staff (performance, as part of the Transmodern Festival)
Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, Baltimore, MD: The Beaux Arts Fair (exhibition)
SoWeBo Gallery, Baltimore, MD: Nostalgia for Almost (exhibition)
Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, NY (reading, as part of the Just Buffalo Literary Series)
The 14 Karat Cabaret, Baltimore, MD (reading/performance, as part of the Shattered Wig Review)
The Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, MD: Ground Songing (performance with members of the Performance Thanatology Research Society, as part of ArtScape)
Hysteric-Ontological Theater, New York, NY: The Hystery of Heat and The Mountain and the Universe (performance with members of the Performance Thanatology Research Society)
Center Stage, Baltimore, MD: LACK (performance, as part of These Are Your Instructions)

Clayton & Co. Fine Books, Baltimore, MD (reading/performance, as part of the i.e. reading series)
The Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY (reading)
Station North Arts and Entertainment District, Baltimore, MD: Picture Window (exhibition)
Current Gallery, Baltimore, MD: Group Show (exhibition)
Scion Lounge, Washington, DC: Burlesque Poetry Hour (reading/performance)

CHELA Gallery, Baltimore, MD: Temporary Human Language (performance)
Spare Room, Baltimore, MD: Matchbox (exhibition)
Seed/Vector, Baltimore, MD: Systems, Codes, Chaos (exhibition)
The Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD: Cram Sessions (exhibition)
Mt. Vernon Square, Baltimore, MD: Artist’s Book Tent (exhibition as part of ArtScape)
The Talking Head Club, Baltimore, MD (reading/performance as part of the Mobtown Writers Collective)
ACA Galleries, New York, NY: Celebrating the Renegade Press (reading as part of the Boog City series)

CHELA Gallery, Baltimore, MD: The Poetry Wholesaler’s Clearance Event (exhibition)
Blue Elephant Gallery, Frederick, MD: Group Show (exhibition)
Fleckenstein Gallery, Towson, MD: Works On Paper (exhibition)
The Talking Head Club, Baltimore, MD (reading/performance as part of the Mobtown Writers Collective)
Towson Commons Gallery, Towson, MD: AVIARY: Honors Thesis Exhibition (exhibition)

P r o f e s s i o n a l E x p e r i e n c e :
Board of Directors, Narrow House
2004 – ongoing

Guest Editor, Everyday Genius
January 2010

Editor, SUCCESS!

Curator, Yockadot! Poetics Theater Festival
Baltimore, MD, Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC

Studio Assistant, S. Denise Tassin
2005 – 2008

Contributing Editor, Radar Review (a critical journal on the arts in Baltimore), 2001 – 2006

Feminine Arbiter of Phrases, Performance Thanatology Research Society, 2004 – ongoing.

Installation Experience:

The Beaux Arts Fair, Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, 2006, Maryland Historical Society, 2007
Their Eyes Are Watching You: Artwork Inspired by Surveillance, Rosenberg Gallery, Goucher College, 2006
Almost Solo, Too Few, Important Things, Make Believe and Pocket Productions, Creative Alliance at the Patterson, 2007

S e l e c t e d B i b l i o g r a p h y :

Interview by thunk/Ryan Manning bender

Review, The Dictionary Poems by Lauren Bender, New Lights (2004)

Interview by Publishing Genius Press

Kevin Thurston. “From the Visual to the Verbal.” Artvoice [Buffalo] 24 March 2006, v5n12.

P u b l i s h e d W o r k :

Bender, Lauren. "ROY G BIV." Baltimore City Paper. December 2009. p.
Bender, Lauren. Kitten in Space. Available for the iPhone. Featherproof Books, 2009.
Thurston, Kevin and Lauren Bender (illustrator). I’AM BORED Part 1, Boys Are Retards. Maple Spits #9.
Bender, Lauren. Whale Box. Baltimore, MD: Publishing Genius, 2007.
Bender, Lauren. Poem. Washington, DC: Big Game Books, 2007.
Bender, Lauren. Dictionary Poems. Onedit 8. 2007.
Bender, Lauren, Ed. WORD@PEEK Issue 1: Lovers 1 Haters 0. Baltimore, MD: PEEK Review. 2006.
Bender, Lauren. The Dictionary Poems. Tempe, AZ: New Lights Press, 2004.
Bender, Lauren. Guide to the Dictionary. Baltimore, MD: Furniture Press, 2003.
Bender, Lauren. “The Good Book.” LINK: A Critical Journal on the Arts in Baltimore and the World.
Baltimore, MD: Link Arts, Inc. 2002

Writings have also appeared in TITS: A 24 Hour Poetry Journal, The Shattered Wig Review, Rock Heals, f-hole, and The Poetry Experiment.

H o n o r s :

Artist Group Award Grant presented to Narrow House Recordings, Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, 2008.

Departmental Painting Award, Best in Show, Towson University, 2002.

and from then on i never opened a band-aid the same way again

that it will turn to astroturf
that it turns to marshmallow topping

i hate vacation


i can't remember how i used to do this. somebody tell me something to do.