hey little girl

last night i had a dream that i ordered rose ice cream. it was the most wonderful thing i had ever tasted, and i ate it on a school bus.

tomorrow i will write a story about two men who killed bats.

i am a graduate student, pursuing graduate studies. isn't that weird?


cathye said...

hey it's been too long mamacita.

at an ice cream shop in silver spring called i think moorenga i tasted their lavender honey ice cream. two weeks ago! i don't think i dreamt it. maybe i dreamt it. i don't think so.

lauren bender said...

it has been WAY too long. i feel you on the astral plane, though.

i had kimchee ice cream in ny once. it was kind of like the most amazing thing i've ever experienced.

Ryan W. said...

I think history should be shortened, or at least narrowed. I'm chuckling. it's hard to tell from your blog how old the posts are, because it only says monday, tuesday, etc, like underwear. speaking of which, this is kinda gross, but I think bats have periods. I'm laughing. I'm actually sober, but I was talking to someone today about how mammals have periods, and we started thinking of which mammals seem least likely to have periods. bats and dolphins. hope that's ok.