this is hard!

Justin sent me a photo from I guess the airport in Austin. He says they serve Bugles (TM) in the severe weather shelter area. What does he mean by "serve"?

I asked if there are Flavor Blasted Goldfish (TM), but I also happen to know that Justin prefers anything in an "-ito" from convenience stores.

Basically until I remember how to blog I'm just going to write about Justin. So what else. Well you should definitely buy this. Although you are the yous who probably already know about it.

MLKNG SCKLS is arresting, and epic, and vignettes. It is like its cover in that way--a suggestion and also everything there is to know. So there.

Oh and Jay went to the dentist for a dry socket, and they packed the hole where his tooth used to be with a very technologically advanced clove in cheesecloth. Just remember, gaping hole = cloves. Wounds = Christmas ham.

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Justin Sirois said...

Wounds = Christmas ham.


I'm so glad you're back.