sorry ryan manning

but i'm not accepting your comment on my CV post, because i want that post to look p=r=o=f=e=s=s=i=o=n=a=l. so i'll put it here:

ryan manning has left a new comment on your post "cv":

A résumé is a document that contains a summary or listing of relevant job experience and education.

i would probably post a comment as a reply to your comment if i had posted your comment on the CV post. probably something about how CV means (loosely) "course of life," and how, maybe, on good days, i consider my art experience to be my "course of life." on most days, especially recently, i am afraid to leave the house and so would just call it a resume.

but i usually do write more on those days, the shut-in ones. what's it all mean??


lauren bender said...

i mean, obviously, my resume/cv won't look professional anyway in context of this blog, my life, and the universe and everything, but on the off chance someone clicks on the link "CV" from the front page of this blog...i guess it really can't work the way i want it to. but.

ryan manning said...

i like the color scheme of this blog

lauren bender said...