got a minute, toad?

Last night we watched Gran Torino. It was probably the best Clint Eastwood movie I've seen. "Gran Torino" means "the great Turin" in both Spanish and Italian, according to babelfish, but because of Turin I'm assuming Ford meant it in Italian. Which is funny given the extremopatriot leanings of ol' Clinty in the movie (I won't call it a film)--you'd think he wouldn't even buy something with a foreign name. I laughed inappropriately a couple of times which signifies greatness (on the part of the movie and me).

Over the break we also watched a lot of Deadwood with JS, The Last Picture Show, Wild Strawberries, Gran Torino, some of the World's Strongest Man Competition (sawing), a considerable amount of Golden Girls, and Jay became obsessed with a capitalist blonde theologian on Book TV. Otherwise we just ailed.

This blog is becoming exactly what I don't want it to be, but patience, and I will return. Besides, are you there? One of you is in Austin and there are DC possibilities.


Ryan W. said...

"This blog is becoming exactly what I don't want it to be"

that happens to me more every day. I have to find gradually different ways to ignore it.

lauren bender said...

the story of my life is just so boring

Justin Sirois said...

You blogs is boring now.
You blog more, see?

Do it, soldier. I like your mouth.