statute of limitations upon
treaded stone (left serifs;
kids kick over and kids
walk to like dunkin' donuts and)

giant quiet
shining at night

tumor dog run between teeth
want to do things to you
very softly but don't
even know who you are



this is from when we watched part 3 of the power of nightmares, and then happened upon a show about mummies. awesome cinematic transitions; lens flare. guess who made the collage. ps does anyone have a digital projector i can borrow for sunday's DCAC performance kthxbye?

Couches have caught us up
(time couched in caches of fabric;
his presumptuous self-invitations,
her multitasking conversations)

In a country where nothing is feared
Everything can be our religion
Behold what the man said to us
Behold our everlasting pets


gypsies and gluttons

yay. thanks to

this year's transmodern was the best ever, and i'm saying that because i was in two nights of it. jay kay!

no really. it was a carnival. my screen saver ("cosmos" motif; could have been worse) came on in the middle of my video projection and i just kept eating. that's how happy i was.

perchance i will re-enact the corporeo video/mime piece 4/20 at the DCAC for my reading, since there is text in it and i want to dress as a mime for the rest of my life. jgp and js now have mime fetishes because of me. jgp's is so significant that he brought me a corsage and asked me to the prom after my performance.