bender's gone wild

we went to buffalo for spring break (small press fair).


meeting all the men i've only dreamed of over listservs; implicit gender politics (open-ended) coupled with amazing curries as food for thought
the homemade elf shoes of the man in the band the golden calves (i think?)
new book with kevin (
abe lincoln print by the enthusiast (
a three-person baltimore nap that lasted from 530p to 730a post-TGIFriday's fried mac-n-cheese


now, upcoming (i'll be con twin friday night for crystallomancy fortune-telling with a three-headed turban, and sans physical twin but con third metatwin playing a rough match of oreo slap-head):

The 5th Annual Transmodern Festival (Live.Art.Action) will be held at Load of Fun Galleries and the surrounding Station North Arts District from Thursday, April 3rd to Sunday, April 6th. The festival expands this year to over 70 critically acclaimed local and international artists presenting experimental performance, sound, film, and installation.

This year, we're also including a special Sunday event! The "Pedestrian Services Exquisite," is a guided walking tour of North Avenue and beyond with over 30 site-specific, roaming, uncanny, planned/unplanned, and esoteric events and actions along the way, including the LOVE PARADE from Baltimore's own Fluid Movement. You do not want to miss this extraordinary outdoor event!

Dates: Thursday 4/3 - Sunday 4/6
Times: Thurs - Sat - Doors open at 8pm, show at approx. 9pm. Sunday outdoor performances from approx. 12pm - 3pm.
Cost: $10 for Thurs - Sat. Sunday Pedestrian Service Exquisite is free.
Info: for details, schedules, tickets

Just a few of the featured artists include:

Adrienne Anemone
Lauren Bender
Blevin Blectum / Kevin Blechdom
Jai Brooks
Dynasty Handbag
Dina Kelberman
Frankie Martin
Kim Miller
Anna Oxygen
Carly Ptak
Spoon Popkin
Erin Womack
.... and many many many more!