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for things
fissuring open (cluster) dirty dirty mein all-inclusive specialer numeric globule peeking famished

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mouth with mouth image tragic possibilities proverbially stratagems to tell us how to come to some agreement

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lemon hum
mustard cut all green (see tree) not well say ill see turbulence say engineering felt help felted hair hapless

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cunty trees
blooming springward arbitrary geography in arts district transitional committee wholesome liberal community listen hum listen ham up canned for questionable authenticity

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monkey heaven
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penny rate house by strum the broker for some favor tiddly winks and suggestive banter I’m a renter from my sister among us she’s the one to recoup

bent-knee time
trumpet funding into flow the water leaking from the ceiling see-through dad band-aids trash toilet chase for fear for fear cerebrally speaking in biblical sensible tongues

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curtly shunned
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birdie shoo
woven historically brush the dogs for fodder leave it ’round for wren and nuthatch scattered and speared upon stalky overgrowth briar bunny tree limb and tower hair of the dog

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nationofulysses said...

I can't WAIT for this book to come out!

"earthward worms blood-like docking"