thanatological tidbit

wow. you can get $10 for every dead person you write about. consider yourself warned.


Ryan W. said...

I don't understand the impetus behind that site. it's like an internet wake I guess. creepy. in fact that homepage ( is maybe the creepiest thing I've ever seen. and the "beta" clinches it.

bender said...

Ryan was always what you might call a long-distance friend, in that I felt I knew him well in writing and by writing, yet only saw him...oh wait, you're still alive.

Yeah, "beta." Amazing.

Ryan W. said...

if it's any consolation, there are only about 4 people in the world who I see more often than you, and not by much. this is not counting people who serve me at lunchtime. I think these are the people I see most often: maureen, buck, rod, mel. and sometimes cathy. and jeff.