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Narrow House is gearing up for Issue 2 of our online/printable PDF occasional journal, SUCCESS!

Issue 1, CHIMERA: I Am My Own Twin can be viewed here:


Issue 2 is OUIJA. Some things to consider:

+ vowels
+ crystallomancy/telepathy/divination
+ automatic/ghost writing
+ nostalgia/invention
+ fakes
+ dead (languages)
+ collaboration/pairs
+ pronunciation
+ parker brothers
+ any flat surface
+ any flat surface printed with symbols
+ any flat surface printed with symbols using a planchette
+ seance
+ "oui" (yes) "ja" (yes)
+ patience worth, plath, twain, aleister crowley...

Please keep in mind that we here at the House tend to meet form and content in the middle, but strongly encourage submissions that favor the conceptual. We also strongly, strongly encourage works (appropriate to PDF format) that are based in text but expand upon the term.

Please also distribute this call to those who may be interested, and submit all works to this email address.

The DEADLINE for submissions is 7:00pm EST June 20th, 2008, more commonly known as the Summer Solstice.


Narrow House

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