gypsies and gluttons

yay. thanks to thereweretentigers.blogspot.com

this year's transmodern was the best ever, and i'm saying that because i was in two nights of it. jay kay!

no really. it was a carnival. my screen saver ("cosmos" motif; could have been worse) came on in the middle of my video projection and i just kept eating. that's how happy i was.

perchance i will re-enact the corporeo video/mime piece 4/20 at the DCAC for my reading, since there is text in it and i want to dress as a mime for the rest of my life. jgp and js now have mime fetishes because of me. jgp's is so significant that he brought me a corsage and asked me to the prom after my performance.

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Ryan W. said...

wish I was there. I was seeing a jam band with my nephew in it, if memory serves. which was not too shabby. but different. everyone's different.