this is all true

i really did, i quit. and tomorrow justin and michael ball and i will be recording for the signal on YPR. i don't know when it will be on.

look at ryan's great third imperative:
delusion imperative (aka the pragmatic imperative)

i live this imperative. the next time someone asks me what my motto is, i will say, well, it's not a motto, but here is my imperative. and then i will state it like i have never stated anything before. the beauty of this imperative is that it explains everything that's wrong with me. i need structure. i'm going to make a curry.

on the tv there's a man playing the hurdy-gurdy. i don't know why i'm kind of writing like a child and so much in a personal narrative--it's been a while; bear with me. i already apologized before during that beautiful card.

do you want me to do some work for you?
here are my skills: kale; hammer; wpm, they said we'd never walk.
this is not a poem.
in our PTRS theater project show, i played a heavy metal rocker.