what happened? i don't know. i don't blog anymore, and i don't read other blogs either. now that i still can't find a job (it's because we're in a recession; talk about it; it's real; it's not me) and am afraid to get out of bed in the morning, i have at least two boyfriends. my grandmom said tonight that it's "DERN COLD, LAURBABY."

can you help me? i have contracts and slightly more weight.


cathye said...

i dont blog any more either. i would say i dont read blogs but.

help is on the way.

nationofulysses said...

if you were a pair of socks you'd be my favorite pair of socks.

Grandma-inside jokes are better than inside-Grandma jokes.

i love you guys.

Ryan W. said...

hey do you know that's from tom's poem in big game. or maybe that's where you got it.

bender said...

no, i did not know that. i stole it from you. i am trying to create a meme. perhaps you've heard of them.

Ryan W. said...

check out tom's stuff in the big game revue. touch the nerd is in there. as is touch the shed.
ahh, giving credit is so old-fashioned.