oh yeah

here's an archived thingy from the radio

our cats love public radio


nationofulysses said...

ten cats!?
i'm about to break down and get a second little baby for Bassie to howl at.

Wig on Friday?

Ryan W. said...

funny how self-conscious the interviewer is... moreso than the interviewees. self-conscious about her dylan thomas example, for example.

I'm struck by the fact that the interviewer doesn't know the answers to the questions and that makes it a better interview... I think in many interviews, the interviewer often feels like they know the subject better than the people they're interviewing, and feels like they know the answers ahead of time. but in this case the interviewer is getting an education.

nationofulysses said...

nice observation there -- when you're listening to Diane Rehm, Terry Gross, or Sam the Eagle from the Muppet Show (1976-1981) you sort of feel like the questions and answers are rehearsed or that Sam's got eleven or so little eagle interns feeding him intriguing quips through a hidden ear piece.

but Lisa Morgan is no Muppet, let me assure you. she was warm and welcoming and even offered small cups of filtered water in separate paper cups; far more than i would expect from some stuffy, right wing BIRD OF PREY.