nationofulysses said...

does your dad love me as much as your mom?

now nate wilson and aaron + his GF are staying over for new years; i might need your spiritual guidance.

my yule times are gay
my troubles are miles away


bender said...

yes. more, in fact.

you can come stay at tom & jackie's with me since i'll be housesitting. tail-less cats + megabed + beautiful greenmount avenue = bender as yr ms. cleo forever.

Adam R. said...

But what about me? I want to hang out with you guys there on New Years too.

bender said...

everybody come to the big bed!!!!111!!1!1!!!!!11111

Jow Lindsay said...

is it true this is called "double fisting."

bender said...

it is true. normally "double fisting" is done by frat boys and with horribly cheap beer, but here we see evidence of the act by one very, very uppity lady, pat bender.