this morning

in the dream,
grandmom knew
she had a bird in her ear
she told the doctor
that her head had been
swelling near her jaw
and that she
could feel its feathers
for quite some time
it was a dead bird
the woman who lived
in the house before
or maybe in my
grandmom's ear
told my grandmom
not to worry
that sometimes
something about
dead things as antiques
either way it was like
some kind of
taxidermied finch
and my grandmom
had kind of lost
all hope
as if them's the breaks
to have a stuffed finch
in your ear and then
to have it taken out
and keep living
alone until you die


nationofulysses said...

birds everywhere!

i was trying to explain to Patrice the French custom where you eat a little bird whole with a handkerchief over your head so God can't see you do it. i've got ask Jamie what it's called. we were trying to figure out how that got started, like, is someone drunk at a party and finds a little dead finch on the widow's walk -- pops it into his mouth in front of everyone? hey looook, Phillip just swallowed that little dead bird! AWESOME. a week later it's all the rage! people all over town are swallowing little birds, gulping them down between dental appointments and during smoking breaks, climbing trees to suffocate whole nests in pillow cases and actually raising them for consumption. little birds for dinner, little bird buffets for bar mitzvahs.

then, a year later, people are fucking sick of little birds. they're like, oh... little birds again? GOD NO!
little birds are the tuna casserole of 1720.
would you eat it (the little bird) out of your Grandma's ear?

i might.

ear wax is the mango chutney of 2007.
it's ALL about the dippin' sauce.

bender said...

why don't you just take over my blog for a while. seriously. who here thinks justin should take over times infinity? raise your hands.

nationofulysses said...

lord, if i only had a blog of my own -- imagine the ad revenue!

i need to start
my real money maker

nothing but SOAKING WET PETS!