book mail bank hopkins

like the origin of injury [some validity];
wrote a letter to the army and wanting to chart,
sunday morning, shoulder pads of
embarrassment [hymnal].

if you have a minute, i know you're busy--
like a stream down the throat
strung together; guitars like oboes;
guitars like how there it's earlier; corded.

when you get here the time will change
[everything into vernacular].


in footloose
there is a dismount
i was taught how to
jam a screwdriver
into a crab




in footloose
the guy
has anger

later i read on the road
[there were glass doors
on the cabinets
and castors on the chairs]

when you get here
i will have remembered you
as much as that
or certain carpets

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nationofulysses said...

certain carpets

give me

the creeps

there's some democracy in there -- right in there. you see it?

i bet you think this is about you, but it's really about

finding out when you will die
from a website entitled:

When Will You Die?

can we go dove hunting soon, papa?