twin angst

we have it
it won't go away


it's not you, it's me

i'm sorry. has it really been that long? i will fix that rotation problem below. it's just and my sister has cat scratch fever i made a lot of drawings the wedding was beautiful we're bleaching everything i strapped a turkey baster to my head for a blowhole i told a rich old lady that it probably wasn't gas i worked for 14 hours.

oh yeah
whale box>


ARMMY, C. 1986

book mail bank hopkins

like the origin of injury [some validity];
wrote a letter to the army and wanting to chart,
sunday morning, shoulder pads of
embarrassment [hymnal].

if you have a minute, i know you're busy--
like a stream down the throat
strung together; guitars like oboes;
guitars like how there it's earlier; corded.

when you get here the time will change
[everything into vernacular].


in footloose
there is a dismount
i was taught how to
jam a screwdriver
into a crab




in footloose
the guy
has anger

later i read on the road
[there were glass doors
on the cabinets
and castors on the chairs]

when you get here
i will have remembered you
as much as that
or certain carpets


veritable treasure troves, vital treaded droves

i always dread my nighttime routine, but it's really not bad and takes hardly any time. it's just brush teeth and pee.



can you spot the differences?

from the ether of my nutrition textbook,
"Beriberi has afflicted polished rice-eating populations for centuries."

result for "polished rice"

result for "polished populations"

also tonight there was a reading event that may or may not have been successful. i have a feeling no one knows. the music was good. ryan was a good bum named carl.


this morning

in the dream,
grandmom knew
she had a bird in her ear
she told the doctor
that her head had been
swelling near her jaw
and that she
could feel its feathers
for quite some time
it was a dead bird
the woman who lived
in the house before
or maybe in my
grandmom's ear
told my grandmom
not to worry
that sometimes
something about
dead things as antiques
either way it was like
some kind of
taxidermied finch
and my grandmom
had kind of lost
all hope
as if them's the breaks
to have a stuffed finch
in your ear and then
to have it taken out
and keep living
alone until you die

<3 this just in for serious <3


their house was taken from them, but the house didn't shift or molt – it stayed rooted on its concrete pedestal – looking at the same celestials & strays, looking like another family's house as it became miniature in memory & refrigerator drawings. Driving away, he sang to them the Canadian national anthem, then a poem by a long dead local author; a road as a metaphor never gets old or when the new boy settles into bed in your old room will the house take his fears, like a chameleon, & color them calm with chamomile & Oreo. We drive. Eight shoulders crammed with eight knees pneumatic & sweat pulsed. I imagine strangling the new boy in a shallow stream; hide his little body in a tree

(justin sirois)
(you don't mind, right?)

hey look

there is a reading/release on 10/19 (friday).


food shirt

problems with internal planets; beside you not this but this and this (i know); lips have all this mouth on them. look what i made. is it okay? your snob is like a song; your cell sounds like yoga class. look what i ate. it's not okay.

skin digests splinter
body devours 2x4
memorandums hesi

tate to walk
inflamed and
a tiny fever
hay fever he
when woken

hard-pressed to overhead or survey immeasurable shifts; imperceptibly that thing to lean ahead (it'sokayit'sokay); lead with waiting, smells like rubber no burning no rubber no; imperceptibly the highway shifts until it shifts back again, like something not capable.

you should be recording everything you ate right now.