was that really the last thing i posted?

sorry ryan. i've been academic, which i wasn't for a while and so am reaping the consequences. one consequence is thinking about megaloblasts in a marrow biopsy. but then i think about tuna steak sandwiches and everything comes back to normal.

i would like to report relatively very little anxiety since my chicago trip. let's get personal at times-ballisms. major agoraphobia prior, somewhat less than proportionate euphoria afterward, but let's not look euphoria in the horse, shall we.

i have to go to bed, so here's from now:

begin by you must
predilection for leafy
pastiches of divinity
today stuff today
i had a near-life
i was in the car
this is my cartoon
look at my cat

afj daoifuduawerua09rufajsfnzdvkz;

my dad

ps i wish anyone reading this could hear my sister and her bf warming up on their trumpets right now. there's weird dissonance about it because it sounds like any night at a conservatory but it's our house instead, so there is also TV noise and pet sounds (not beach boys). they are on different floors and they both have mutes in their trumpets, so are not listening to each other at all.

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