wii <3 weekending ritual

envision the long bone
falsify (calcify)

your parents against
store-bought toys

fashioned homemade popples
convected potentialities

today my computer said,
hardship makes the world obscure

my only assertion is that
either there is no honest art

or i don't make assertions
or i don't trust those who do

you said, i wish i could
successfully paint sunsets

because she said
we would never say,

sunsets are interesting
(we might, of course)

once i saw right through binary
there was a nipple on a table

when i realized what i had seen
i wasn't sure i meant it

portions stored in small portions
and others skittering offshore

you smell the dishcloth as if
it was right there in her hand

when you wake, you may have
written a great russian novel

or i completed the entire crossword
and they came to my house

they thought i knew something
about cities in normandy

i had just been watching surgeries
i had been whaling in my sleep

(how should we expect the weather
and when to do it anyway)

today my shower said,
everyone is so afraid of being afraid

there will be plenty of time for
divinity; wash your hair

you are more like a north korean bomb,
she said, and we all laughed and laughed

nine down: like a bowl of seasonal fruit
(the sound); a body dampened by pavement

do you remember what you were wearing
did you try to find your family


Reen said...

Oh god....Popples!

bender said...
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