we just want to say

that we're staying here in, like, days.

(it's apparently around $330 per night, not that we would need to worry about that.)

a swivel chair!!! be still, my heart!


bender said...

i can't believe i'm saying this, but i'll have to do homework while we're there, so the chair may actually come in handy if i can get over the priveledged feeling of being someone in a hotel room with a swivel chair. jumping on the bed with justin in nothing but our larry craig masks and dress socks should calm things down a bit.

nationofulysses said...

i've been imagining me in only my orange/brown argyle socks posing for (three way) portraits in "the business suite". sweet is the word for it, really. very fucking sweet.

when did i become so fucking mainstream?

bender said...

probably sometime around when you started working for the social security administration.

bender said...

and don't give me that SSA socialism crap neither!

nationofulysses said...

i just want to speek to "the people" is all --

i wonder if those nekkid photos of me will get justin fired.

bender said...

i'll make a medicare part-D sign for you to hold over your nether regions.