this week's special: the fuck yeah crepe


paul pfeiffer. watch the videos.


i can't remember what else. something about intraracial divides and my sister, "it's hard on the street." she was talking about her bedroom facing the road.

there was also something about victory pilsner, machine gun laugh, theater of pain, gypsy fiddle, black mountain miner, mountains for bones, rock for bones, oyster for eyes, and joke coincidence. someone wrote 'zelda' in the bathroom. we can't fight the gender war and do promo stuff at the same time. in the back of a cow's eye is the most baffling pearlescence you'll never see. hung by its feet and slit. if you weren't a murderous pedophile, you'd like to be a meteorologist. transcendental food. wit marriage. injurious psychology. pick the wounds. wind up cocooned, blind, waiting to categorize your coming, predatory. something about haiti.

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