somebody anybody

i hate all this anticipation. i do it enough to myself on a daily basis. why's the weather do it. it's okay to talk about the weather during a time like this, when a woman is walking down the street sucking on her 40 with her two-year-old straggling behind. every time i see one of the cats i think it's dead.

this morning nate, my best friend (age 2), pointed from his father's arms toward me as i walked to my car and yelled, "don't go!" it was a great moment.

i was supposed to go to blonde redhead and beach house with chris toll tomorrow at the rams head; i said yes yesterday and then no today because my final is on thursday. his feelings are hurt, unless he's lying. someone should go with him, for free, before he gives away the ticket to someone he doesn't know. just think about standing next to chris toll while the japanese vixen pulls the hair of her quasi-lover italian twin on stage. do it. think about it. did something happen in your pants? i thought so.


bender said...

this is what i did to chris. i in-commoded him.

incommode (in-kuh-MOD) verb tr.

To inconvenience.

[From Latin incommodus (inconvenient), ultimately from the Indo-European
root med- (to take appropriate measures) that is also the source of
medicine, modern, modify, modest, and modulate.]

bender said...

my sister just yelled upstairs, "you're not studying, are you!"

how did she know that?? twins. that's how.

-k said...

Last time I told someone to study (and specifically to write a paper), this person got booted out of school. So henceforth I am withholding advice.

(Hey, we got a driveway this week, so just be aware of that because next time you might not recognize our house. It's a lot different.)

bender said...

i don't think i would recognize your house anyway, since the only time i was there i pulled into someone else's driveway by mistake and knocked on their door.