sad cake, sad toast

i just bought this. for $15. it's a steal. i was kind of book-crazy because i was with adam and justin, so i also bought this and this. i'm hoping that _only revolutions_ and the mcsweeney's have enough content to hold up the form, because i sense myself peeking out of concept world and catching glimpses of the real world, by which i mean MTV.

i used to say that spending money on books and good food was okay, but now any kind of expenditure leaves me with that weighty feeling. i have noticed though that when the imaginary money comes from loans instead of cards, it's easier to digest. i work with a sufi who would probably say that all money is illusory, which is true, and would make me feel good enough to flip crepes into the sun and cover myself with special sauce until i just can't take it anymore okay okay sunshine dogs barking walk in the cemetery iced cranberry tea rodney dangerfield clean my room gotta go perceptual priming etc

ps atomic pop has a three-tiered stuffed plush cake for sale; it's light blue and the middle tier is frowning, while the upper and lower layers are smiling. it's $60. my birthday is march 16. it's about 3' tall (the cake, not my birthday).

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