part of feeling insignificant is being insignificant

you know what might be nice, or not? posting only comments to other people's blogs as your blog, but with no specificity as to whom you are

what's only slightly more interesting than that idea is that my story about a pants accident has come up twice in a week.

and slightly more interesting than that was when a guy at work last night said, "language is...what's the word i'm looking's not 'un''s like 'in-' or...'in'...shoot, what's the word..."

i said, "insufficient?"

he said, "that's it! language is insufficient!"

(ellipses have replaced semicolons as bender's choice punctuation.)


jargon [censored]

these are all things [censored]
w/ [censored] technique, [censored]
baby blue, [censored]

there is of course [censored]
the [censored] dogma of [censored]

spindle [censored] law [censored]
blending theory
"not fair" [censored]
chitin, goddammit
"where things go in & out"
yeah. yeah.

small English letters
outlier hurts
grass houses.
oh my god, [censored]
(thinking about fear).
(forgot about them).

remarkable in terms of [censored]
"the number in its magnitude"

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