mistakes have been made
jarring like a little death

and yet the whooping crane
we do not wish to march

in the back of the eye are
inumerable falls; marches

after that and after that
crosswords come with fury

as we wait; wading across
whole beds of transient quality

banks of a person abbr. (when
a father tumbles the restaurant)

to frame stuff; this syndrome
to peek and rule with contents

the cow is suspended, its eye back,
the back of its eye like waiting

to peel and rule like a kitten
does anyone know its function

great plains gleaming with
the time of year elicited when

one considers great plains
when one considers nomenclature,

however, say prairie, say clocks (sea)
see the cattle in their weather thoughts

my elbow and they lay down for slaughter
this barometer for standing to sleep

peeling back the back further, to pearl,
who to know the sentient seal

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