medication. tation. shit.

i want to write pretty bad right now but i'm just so tired. my new routine is kicking my ass: get up at 7, medimitate, runnish, good breakfast, rest of day. as a routine it's really just an idea right now, but that is tiring enough. (actually it began friday but unfortunately ended saturday. things are expected to pick back up tomorrow what with the reinstatement of school and dundalk and all.)

incidentally, on friday during the mediation i suddenly imagined this huge oak tree with very specific golden light coming out of the top of it, and when i breathed in it came in; when i breathed out blue goop came out (metaphysically) and was sucked back up by the tree. conjured the same tree periodically today with good results. this week i will try to incorporate my li'l animal totem and see what happens.

(note "hat," very important).

(note that in the time this took i could have written something halfway decent but want to try for something much longer or at least from somewhere more awake k thx bye BFF LYLAS lol <3)


bender said...

and why no pointer to "horse"??

kevin.thurston said...
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bender said...

hear me whinnie!