let's go to vagus

it's over, my A&P final. unfortunately i still haven't accepted that i'm back in school, so i really have no idea how i did.

but enough about me.

my stomach hurts. i've never liked the sound of my name. here is what i do when i should be making flashcards--it's weird; with mac cams everything comes out backwards, which is cool because it shows things more naturally than a camera would in that weird way, but is also inconvenient when you have to flip everything around in your cheap photoshop imitator:

i think i drew our dog eddie's ears in the background. here's a transcription, i think--of course anything that mentions birds around some kind of sound base is probably passable as something i would write. i had patterns. i mean i hate patterns. that was a weird mistake to make...

a berry
and still
this unseasonable
this song fulcrum
i don't know oil
i don't know muscles
i know how,

i see something like
still or the sill
those fields
sewn + strewn
out of

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bender said...

it would be great if instead of a head i had that glowing crown.