great neck

quiver, day; conduct to new long-sleeve tee's. when one consumes one's weight in raw, or we walk to chicago, take incriminating hotels, take hostage our rampaging definitions; i have always been this way.

(go back and check the road)

(go back and check the road)

cram foot into empty handle of a milk crate. how to get. museums open into themselves; child sees child vomiting into hair, child sees child's arm ending at wristbone, child sees child reap movies of it. plastics filling, well-lost and opening where the chest was; it's okay.

(a year could be a trombone)
(a year could be mathematical)

a year could be like a fan with no function. shake, day; a person apart, a sieve patched with sand. like a museum. how do we like a museum.


-k said...

I left you a comment at Ryan's. You are my B/m representative:


Bender, I bought a growler from a bar in Fells Point yesterday. At first I said, “What the hell is a growler?” But then I saw one and realized they’re really a good deal if you can get one. I think maybe they are illegal in all places except Baltimore and wherever Ryan is right now.
sed kph —

bender said...

i've always wanted to be someone's BM representative.