a small giggle

you know what's great? crystallized ginger. i wonder if that's how christian bok got it all started.


when i imagine it
there are two of us there
on the ledge, getting ready
i am in a light blue shirt and tie
and there is gel in my hair
i have a wife at home who
rides the elliptical machine
the woman next to me is
chinese-american in rayon
she is probably my assistant
i am not ready but
i always knew what it would be like
on the way down she screams
i try to send a message to my sister
with my mind, think about my organs
i can not imagine this scenario
or myself as a middle eastern person

if your grandmother was japanese
and your grandfather flew an american bomber
you are 1/4 japanese
and miniscule fractions of whatever is left
when my grandfather said we were bohemian
and that the guy on the evening news
had to be the son of his pilot
i wrote to the news
they said,
"tell the lady there's no relation"
i was not able to contact the bohemians
but either way he died
and left me a drawing of a cat
on a note i can not find

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