quick inventory

great american pasttime:

-opted only for H2O
-did not bless america
-kiss cam did not pan to our section
-the wave
-write about the first wave: stadium fun and feminism
-sunburn, feels good
-cab ride all the way to 95 south and then back: $14
-oriole mascot as emblem for athletic posturing, stylized run
-questions: bat boys, uniform laundry, K K K K K
-day of horrifying insects
-day of medieval cartoons, camelot
-pixies, C&C music factory, thong song, car wash
-"ice cold water and content: one dollar"
-green burial, split me up, renovate houses that do not belong to you, until someone stops you
-fried pickles
-dad says watch for left-handed batters
-jokes that can not be repeated; leukemia; kiss cam; wave
-i thought you said rip it out


[adam] said...

there i was renovating a house that did not belong to me. it was called "my body", but only by me. everyone else just called it, "some actual scrap of world or something", laughing or something.

then a fine mist dissolved me, or dissuaded me. i cant remember.

-k said...

Ryan, Are you driving your car (not your scooter) to the Polo fields for games this week? If so, could I catch a ride from Union Station for either Tues and/or Fri? I like my new intermediate team, though my rec team has better name ("Cut and Run"). We won last week 15-4, so better watch out. -kaplan

bender said...

everyone please only use my blog for correspondence from now on

Ryan W. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan W. said...

hi LB. I responded to kap's comment but then decided I would instead respond to it at rod's blog. no offense.

bender said...

i'm flattered that people (you) are even considering my blog (me) comparable to rod's blog (rod) for public correspondence to each other (everyone).

but don't talk to me ever again.