car like dying but
nd i can cats in the
afeared scape
some distant fairly
opportunistic murder
by agriculture, or
video, even, or
video games

bowling, gesture, or
they choose the
appropriate hiding
r on the street to know
safety finds it safety
n the iconic tension
the best part,
the loudest

goddamn plus the drummer
soaps nd bedtime for
a pug a kitchen stopper
soap opera capture
soap towel, sop stoop
stop up jigga what
can we capitulate
can youtube it



[censored] to [censored]
(read through [censored]
garfield's [censored] crisis):
[censored] was the first thing i
[censored] draw.

also, [censored] not sure
why [censored] logging [censored]
[censored] apostrophes when they [censored]
indicating [censored] [censored]
usually i [censored]

Posted by bender at 4:42 PM

sweet mash-up:

(thanks jgp)
and here's the original; compare, contrast, decide which one you think is creepier:


kevin.thurston said...

just what in tar-nation is goin on around here

bender said...

i was substanced/substantiated