nervous tunic

get cultural long-term; antagonizing dividends explicit in their procedural how-to. osama's been wearing the same clothes for like fifteen years or something come on. potentially, specs of universe beside us. i have the most ironic CIA. believe it. see the heron's mechanations overhead; dream the egret to intimate her myopic top 4.

every single one of you
has a television
in your life

see the heron overhead, infinite amounts of it into infinitely small governments; we're actually all very tall. nondiscriminating skill set, this dithering dots together, suppress suppress until until. hysterical garments to run through the child. like children. sp ri nk le rrrrr to storied somethings opening drawers; opening books to libraries; exposing bad tattoo decisions to when and where your hands were.


-k said...

For a second I thought this post came from this other blog that I read.

bender said...

weird. maybe i should read other blogs besides ryan's.

nationofulysses said...

Group B says:
this black information smells funny. funny in a gay kinda gay.

Group B says:
you'd better be nice to Group B. Group B will call Group A.

and then
they will talk about your

secret secrets


discredit your feces thesis

you jearrrrrrous?

Ryan W. said...