milk river meme

i saw golden door tonight. you can put your transformers where the sun don't shine.


8 random facts about me as someone else/fully realized:

1. every time i push on my eye the sun comes out.
2. when i think of my own body, i see it from the inside and am not afraid.
3. i used to be afraid of an owl can; now i'm afraid of a whale can.
4. i want to be your favorite.
5. if i wasn't so fully realized i'd use this to point out cute eccentricities.
6. i make fine handcrafted ornaments.
7. i make a fine handcrafted ornament.
8. this one is true.


my li'l animal totem
[censored] is close to [censored]
in the wheat in my dream. [censored]
in my dream was much more scraggly
and had more white [censored]
and was not symmetric [censored]

i'm trying [censored]
okay [censored]
to become it as content,
content [censored] in proximity
to my animal totem.
i'm preserving [censored]
in the wheat field as valid [censored]

and have no plans [censored]
even though i might [censored]
[censored] i would [censored]

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