melatonin experiment

seven at a time and seven seas, new cat asleep on the lap of unknown origin; you can't sleep and you can't wait for dreaming; the boyfriend dragging out the trash. hello, we haven't had our tupperware party; baby, this is just the tip; baby, there are days and then strung; there are days to tether them together. my herbal supplement for your intellectual grafitti, my, this artform taking shape when it's over; fledgeling takes wing to the sidewalk; baby takes wind takes one to the neck; bunny snare for yr thoughts, your carry-out, your depravity and location, location, location. what a fine introduction one half hour before its time. who knew this thing about the sea. baby, to reintroduction but like every day and then some; baby to remembering what was been some kinda temporal some shit night over and again huh.

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