if you'll excuse me,

i'm going to go live inside a creamsicle.


Reen said...

Will you tell me how it is, and recommend as to whether I should buy or rent?

Ryan W. said...


Ryan W. said...

here's my poem about living in a popsicle not really. I wrote this uhhh in April or May I think:

I have a house in a popsicle
it's a hoax
nothing ties to the interior
indian style like a weird kid
who has no developmental problems
but just is that way

any biological function is a purpose
and a quite astronomical success
artistic with barbed wire
a secret unit
what is ham

college furnished a squat atmosphere
for the cursive of our tricks.
boating provided a way of life
an expensive technical conflagration
of arbitrary customs, the resulting decor
crept inland and died like confused gulls,
which we then stuffed and posed

so a fresh new epoch dangled forwards
with uncertain strength to be an appendage.
the campfire hallucinated us, a noble column.
a capital I naked in the distance
a mural cold on our foreheads

bender said...

i feel like i remember 'what is ham.' but maybe it's one of those things like outer space; it's so unimaginably huge in its there-ness that you feel one with it. you know, like ham.

in actuality this was about the color i'm fixin to paint my room.

Ryan W. said...

ahh, actuality. a fine place.