i forgot i was doing this and that i wanted to stop emo log


i have a [censored] conservative parent
unknown; possibly unsuccessful.

my parents' house, and no one is home.
[censored] i can tell by [censored]
the skin of it. [censored]
expansive [censored] wheat [censored]
it might [censored] winter, if wheat is hearty
[censored]landmarks [censored]

see a [censored] halfway [censored]
lost-ness [censored] blowing wheat [censored]
i know to try to remember everything [censored]
it's almost as if what never happened
will never happen.


Ryan W. said...

wanting to stop is always part of the experience for me. it doesn't last. the stopping.

bender said...

when you move to baltimore you can sage all you want and never have to stop