my tits

this is like roller girls. i can't tell if it's that neo-wave (sorry) reclaiming of lady things or buying right into myster maaaaaaaaan. it's girl vs. girl, but it's exploitative. and so.

i hope you weren't hoping it would be mine. no way.


bender said...

i mean, i might make a print with kevin or something, but we're aesthetes (varsity).

kevin.thurston said...


like peaches. you listen and go, okay... but then again, i do the same when i'm listening to hip-hop that gets me pumped up to toss it in some ho and then drop her off on the way to burger king.

except the only thing in the above that actually occurs--albeit rarely--is listening to peaches on the way to burger king.

Ryan W. said...

I'd saying one part reclaiming, two parts buying in. but I didn't really hear anything except my tits yo tits my tits yo tits wamp wamp.
well, anyway, not a good song I don't think.

bender said...

not a good song: on that the hard-kore 'nists and the lady beaters can agree.