the funniest was that i wrote 'freektown' first by accident.

i purposefully drive a longer way to community college so that i can go through downtown (biz district), patterson park (neoyuppies), highlandtown (blue collar/breweries), fells point (fraternities/latino), greektown (greeks), hopkins bayview (section 8/drug tx), and dundalk (old tyme baltimore racism). it reminds me that baltimore is not as binary as it appears.

many years ago my boyfriend and i went to the greek festival and drank uzo until it came out of our ears. he was about 6'3" and i had to drag his mostly unconscious body into the tiny bathroom of my first apartment for him to puke there all night. i went in to check on him at like 6am and he was blubbering in the bathtub, asking if we could do intercourse. i said, "no." he blogs. i wonder if he'll ever stumble across this.

the winter has brought with it a few extry pounds on the bender tum. i have decided to do another marathon. it's in november; it's a trail run (but more gravel than trail). instead of the normal t-shirt you get fleece mittens, a sled, a thermos of hot chocolate, seasonal affective disorder, and a potbelly stove all stuffed inside a commemorative tote at the finish line. once i pay for these things i do them.


kevin.thurston said...

did they get rid of all the yuppies in fells point?

i heart greektown

bender said...

i guess i compartmentalize my yuppies--i picture them ending at the end of the park.

remember when we ate that uzo fire cheese? i think that was your last night here.

acw said...

"he blogs. i wonder if he'll ever stumble across this."

I once had this same story up on my blog.

I stumbled across this, but not because of blogging. It's a long story, but email me if Jim Wheeler doesn't get in touch with you.

anonymouscoworker at gmail dot com