great smoky mountains national park

this is how it's done
and underneath,
devastation by
those specific
flash cards

somewhere there is
a whole country of people
who know what it is
to be forced into napping
i believe this is called,
"this will pass," or,
"not a thoroughfare"

somewhere in the country
there is a city called
"no personal narrative"
i either go there
or one doesn't


i might skip two out of four hours of class today, depending


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Reen said...

My mood leaves smoky vaporish ringlets that trail me wherever I go.

bender said...

did they initially emanate from the screen, or do they always do that?

Ryan W. said...

it felt mildly static-y but didn't make a noise. it was some cottony air.

bender said...

that's what i expected.