fuck it for another five

lifestyle shifts

welcome back. [censored]

i believe that [censored]
my animal totem. perhaps [censored]
i should consider mailing a dog [censored]
submission (also below).

when i awoke smiling, [censored]
"remember this! [censored]
a penis [censored]
dangerously close [censored]

i am working toward [censored]
i would work toward [censored]
the gore factor, [censored]
the latent catholic [censored]

in second grade, [censored]
a laminated golden rule [censored]
i could go to the bathroom [censored]
in my pajamas on purpose [censored]

pee in bed, but do it in the right pajamas [censored]
'heritage,' [censored]
a topographic medium [censored]
the shapes her mouth makes when she [censored]

an early genetics theory, [censored]
but i can't remember which one [censored]
one shucks between fits [censored]

Posted by bender at 4:25 PM


Ryan W. said...

oh crap

Ryan W. said...

if your ass was shaped like an infinity sign, you wouldn't have these problems.

bender said...

would that it were so!!!