dusky; wind-up caterpillar


what, [censored] my new age age?
here are [censored] artists,
bell biv devoe

screaming [censored]
extraordinary [censored]
sheer quantity can be [censored]
embarrassing [censored]

likes homemade [censored] slowness.
new skill [censored] calls the last step
"making your flower." [censored]
girls make butterflies and [censored]
a significant haircut [censored]
or [censored] 2, two, too [censored]

i wonder what feels stranger:
knowing you should have [censored] or
knowing you should [censored]

today's logging [censored]
is dedicated to [censored]
a redundant [censored] eater
and [censored] i have like
a whole [censored] genetics [censored]
onesie you can buy [censored]...

this horrible sinking feeling [censored]


Reen said...

Bel Biv Devoe! Now I have "Poison" stuck in my sung by one of the Whiter Than Thou a cappella groups that plagued my university...

bender said...

a b c, bb d (the east coast family)