defrag/no you in u

i have the most hilarious idea: let's project the surface of my body onto the surface of my body--it's like the adage or adaptation goes; it's like a taste sensation! stylized walk, and to dot i's with anatomical hearts. those with highly developed perfumes are easily promoted. i'm sorry. those with accessory structures more likely to chasm; those valet artisans; 24/7 you're actually crying. in the dream he puts your head in my lap; "when" is my dictation; "when" is the hairshirt of my diction. obscure ventures in fishing.

did you understand what i said about
[yell] auditory processing?
memory is stored diffusely.
the day you cut the cake with a spoon.
the soft cleft.

i never tetris any more. God's telling me input is more important than output. some sensation, this; some palsy keepsake. and is it possible? a patterned economy; warmish errands of doze, nerve, carry out the day. the day i fucking POUNDED u w/ proprioception, God knows. God knows what i'd be doing in front of the blind.


bender said...

maybe i shouldn't write poems directly on the blog.

bender said...

who said anything about poems?

Ryan W. said...

shit. I can't believe I didn't comment on this post last night. I wrote a comment but didn't save it. can't remember what it said. I just thought I must fall silent before the colored squares and other things. it is a bit overwhelming, the spectacle of this whole post. it is grand. it reminds me of something a nation would build with slave labor.

bender said...

you actually write comments and save them? i thought you had pre-written comments for that exact purpose.

i hope everything i make reminds people of something a nation would build with slave labor.