CALL FOR ENTRIES: bad tattoo decisions

i know, tattoos are sooooooooo.

and i know there have been shows and things about mistakes on the part of the tattoo artiste, i.e. "BOWLIN" instead of "BALLIN," "I LOUVRE JOHN" etc. but what about the bad tattoo decisions amongst the people i call my friends? please scan/photo your bad tattoo decision(s) and send them to me. i'll do a li'l blog zine and maybe print some too. if you want, you can send the story of the tattoo to accompany it, and if you wish, i can anonymize your contribution by only giving hints about your personality that others of us will most likely pick up on. rest assured i will participate en masse.

get to it, art stars--let's see those chinese characters shine.


bender said...

that's not me, btw

bender said...

that's by the way, btw